Dress Code - School Uniforms

Lake Weston Elementary is a uniform school. Each day, starting with the first day of school, students are encouraged to be in full uniform, with exception of Spirit Fridays!

Uniforms consist of:

1.  Polo-styled shirts:
*Red, Black, or White (any color polo will do!)
*Logos are not required on uniform shirts
2.  Closed toe shoes
3.  Belts are recommended at the waistline
4.  Pleated or Flat Front Twill style pants/capris/shorts/skirt:
*Tan/Khaki, Navy Blue & Black
*(no rips in pants that show skin)

You are free to purchase your uniforms from any retail store you choose as long as the colors conform to our policy.  Please contact the school if you have any questions regarding the uniform policy.