ADDitions Volunteers



Lake Weston request that families support the school by volunteering their time.

Volunteering as a chaperone on ALL school events and field trips requires a background check and must be completed by completing an OCPS ADDitions application.

Please consider that ADDitions approval take 7-10 business days so make sure you submit application within time to volunteer/chaperon during our upcoming events and field trips.

Activities counting toward volunteering

  • assisting teachers in any classroom or office (i.e., copying, working in centers, etc.)
  • presenting art, music, or other approved lessons
  • working during lunch duty
  • chaperoning field trips
  • preparing teacher requested materials (i.e., cutting patterns for Cluster I)
  • helping sponsored clubs
  • attending a Board, SAC, or PTSA meeting
  • attending most committee planning meetings
  • manning telephones to find volunteers


ADDitions application can be completed here OCPS.SAMARITAN.COM

If you have any questions regarding volunteering at Lake Weston Elementary, please contact our ADDitions Coordinator, Mrs. Brooke at (407)296-6430

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